Imply® Bowling Alleys in São Paulo’s Tallest Residential Tower

Imply® Bowling Alleys in São Paulo’s Tallest Residential Tower

Regarded as the largest real estate project under development in Latin America, Parque Global brings sophistication, convenience, and a completely new way of living to São Paulo. With ample technology and luxury, this innovative development is further enhanced by 3 modern Imply® Bowling Alleys, exclusively designed to provide leisure for residents.

Occupying a 218,000 m² plot of land, the project is expected to be completed by 2030. Situated in a prime location on Marginal Pinheiros, facing Parque Bruno Covas, the Parque Global complex encompasses a residential area with 5 iconic towers, including São Paulo’s tallest residential tower, standing at 53 floors. Additionally, it will feature a wide range of amenities, including Hospital Albert Einstein, Hotel Emiliano, a monorail station to the Airport, private access to São Paulo’s largest high-end Shopping Center, 58,000 m² of green area, and much more.

Imply® Bowling Alleys guarantee enjoyable moments for families and friends. With cutting-edge technology and an incredible FullColor LED Panel, they elevate the entertainment experience to new heights. Each play is accompanied by a spectacle of colors, making every moment even more memorable. Contact us and learn more about our custom Bowling projects.

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