Galaxy Bowling offers unique experience with Imply® Bowling Alleys

Galaxy Bowling offers unique experience with Imply® Bowling Alleys

The beautiful region of Occitania, France, has the extraordinary entertainment center Galaxy Bowling, full of special attractions. To complete the fun, Galaxy Bowling decided to innovate by offering six Imply® Bowling Alleys.

In addition, the complex also includes billiards, table football and shuffleboard, as well as a large repertoire of drinks and food options. In other words, it is an ideal place to gather co-workers, family and friends for birthdays, get-togethers, festivities and happy hours.

With an unique lighting system, the amazing colorful visual effects catch players’ attention and create an extraordinary ambience. Likewise, the lanes glow under black light with Bright Bowling lighting effects.

Benefits of having Imply® Bowling Alleys:

Imply® Bowling Alleys are a great alternative for Entertainment Centers, Parks, Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Shopping Malls, Hotels, Resorts and more. In that sense, every detail is planned to offer great experiences to players. Among them, for example:

✓ The incredible light and color show of the Imply® Bowling Alleys accompany every move, causing the “WOW” effect in the players;
✓ Imply® Bowling Alleys are developed with a modern, sophisticated and bold design, in addition to having the best materials, equipment and technologies;
✓ Our products are guaranteed by the factory, are easy to operate and, in addition, comply with the highest international quality standards and norms;
✓ Through the Touch Screen Terminal, it is possible to access all lane control functions, as well as make menu orders and connect the smartphone to the game;
✓ Ideal for happy hours, Bowling guarantees fun with family and friends and takes your business to a new level of entertainment.

Innovate with Imply® Bowling Alleys:

Imply® Group is present in over 125 countries. We develop customized software and hardware solutions for your project. So, how about innovating with Imply® Bowling Alleys? We are ready to help you. To learn more about setting up a bowling alley, contact us! Access the link: