Imply Bowling arrives in Sweden

Imply Bowling arrives in Sweden

With technology in over 55 countries around the world, in recent days Imply® consolidated its presence in Sweden. Through the Swedish Distributor Swedish Sim, were installed 10 Imply® Bowling Lanes in the FEC Rollers and Bowlers, in the municipality of Haninge in Stockholm county.

With 4300 square meters, Rollers and Bowlers is an unique destination with activities for the whole family, including 10 Imply® Bowling Alleys, restaurant specialized in burgers, conference center, simulators, roller skate disco, and more.

In its strategy, stands out the selection of the most desired entertainment attractions, as well as the planning and design of the space. The 10 Imply® Bowling Alleys are arranged separately. The VIP room has 2 lanes in a Hollywood setting, 5 lanes are part of an urban decorated area, and 3 other lanes are situated in a special space for events. This new trend of diversifying the environments, brings many benefits to entrepreneurs, and is ideal for holding private parties and events.


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