Imply® Bowling in Monterrey is guaranteed fun in Mexico

Imply® Bowling in Monterrey is guaranteed fun in Mexico

The proven success of Galex Park extends to its new unit. And now, with Imply® Bowling, fun is guaranteed in Monterrey, Mexico.

The 6 Imply® Bowling Lanes are true examples of excellence in entertainment. With a modern and sophisticated design, each lane offers a perfect combination of immersive lighting, vibrant colors that enchant with each new play.

Equipped with 18.5″ Touchscreen LCD terminals, they allow the player to control all the game’s functions in a very simple and intuitive way. Therefore, from the terminal it is possible to activate the bumper system, add players, change game options and follow the progress of each match.

In addition, the 6 Imply® Bowling Lanes at Galex Park are equipped with LED lights along the lanes, and the lighting creates the ideal atmosphere for a fun-filled match. Likewise, the return of the balls is carried out above the lanes, so the player can follow the balls returning between the alleys to the super modern ball support with a floating effect and RGB LED lighting.

Galex Park in Monterrey completes the fun for the whole family with the 6 Imply® Bowling Lanes. Thus, with this investment, it will have even more return and profitability, as in addition to entertaining children with its toys and games, it entertains all ages with the new Alleys.

Excellence in highly technological equipment

Bowling Imply® is a guarantee of success for your enterprise. In addition, it is ideal for family fun, fun with friends, birthdays, events and happy hours in any season.

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