Imply® Bowling in the Most Caribbean Region of Cuba

Imply® Bowling in the Most Caribbean Region of Cuba

The city of Santiago is known as the most Caribbean region of Cuba, with its idyllic beaches, vibrant culture and enchanting tropical climate. Located to the east of the island, Santiago is considered the second most important city in the country, full of historic buildings, beautiful beaches and lush landscapes. Now the destination is even more complete with the inauguration of Club Santiago.

The main highlight of the entertainment center are the incredible 6 Imply® Bowling Lanes. With this number, the Club becomes the largest and most technological bowling complex in Cuba. “In the case of the bowling alley, which is part of the large Clube Santiago complex, it will have modern technology and a design that should become a reference for similar projects in other provinces” emphasizes Jorge Luis Acosta Paula, Director of Palmares Santiago.

Highly technological, Imply® Bowling Alleys are designed with lighting effects that captivate the player with each shot. Designed to provide unforgettable moments in an immersive experience for bowling enthusiasts of all ages.

Through interactive terminals, players can control all game functions, such as selecting language and activating bumpers that prevent the ball from falling into the side channel. Likewise, terminals bring important information and options to players.

Now, with its doors open to the public, Club Santiago is ready to become an essential part of life in Santiago, offering high doses of fun with the fantastic Imply® Bowling lanes in a unique Caribbean atmosphere.

Increase your revenue with Imply® Bowling Alleys

Bowling is certainly an ideal option to diversify entertainment options, captivating new audiences and encouraging customers to return again and again in search of more fun and excitement. Plus, with interactive features, bowling offers a fun and engaging experience for all ages, making it a must-see and highly profitable attraction.

Therefore, boost your business with the incredible Imply® Bowling Alleys and experience an unprecedented return! Our cutting-edge technology and immersive design will transform your entertainment space into a must-see destination for guests of all ages.

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