Imply develops innovative Building Access Control Management System for CAFF – Administrative Center Fernando Ferrari in Porto Alegre

Imply® developed and installed an innovative Building Access Control Management System in CAFF – Administrative Center Fernando Ferrari in Porto Alegre, Brazil. The Administrative Center is known for its physical structure, pyramid-shaped, and is centrally located in the state capital. The building has several departments and agencies of state government.
The system provided by Imply® combines different technologies for monitoring access traffic and identification of users, controlling access to facilities for thousands of different users, managing complex systems restrictions.
At the station for accreditation of users, a software allows registering the photo and personal data, specifying each individual access rights. Each user receives a SmartCard, and the access are validated by SmartCard RFID technology.
This system is a high-tech solution and easy to use, designed to improve security processes intelligently. Thus, it offers better return on operations, optimizing operational and human resources. The system also offers greater flexibility, efficiency and reliability in the control of access with high-speed transmission of information, fast processing of high volumes of access with great performance, reducing queues and offering greater comfort for users.
In total, 10 turnstiles were installed, with 2 of them, for people with special needs. All turnstiles have LCD displays that display messages and personalized greetings on the access validators.