Imply® Facial Recognition Technology at Sport Clube do Recife Stadium

Imply® Facial Recognition Technology at Sport Clube do Recife Stadium

Imply® and Sport Clube do Recife are revolutionizing the way fans access the Ilha do Retiro stadium. In October, the initiative introduced facial recognition as a method of accessing the club’s games, bringing innovation and security to fans.

This innovation is aligned with Sport’s vision of providing a safer and more efficient experience for its fans. Sport’s objective with admission via facial recognition is to bring more security and agility in access to the stadium. With great expertise, Imply® was chosen to supply the technology, which guarantees a safe, effective process and project customization to meet the needs and singularities of each operation.

“Imply® provides us with an extreme technology platform with integrated access control, ticket sales and member management. The agility of the Imply® system is fundamental to the success of events, it helps us exceed expectations and create a great relationship with our fans” says Yuri Romão, President of Sport Clube do Recife.

The partnership between Sport Clube do Recife and Imply® is an example of how technology can be used to improve the fan experience, while keeping safety at the forefront. Since October, the technology has been in operation in 6 turnstiles, validating access for fans in central seats at gates 2 and 2A. In total there will be 55 access controllers with facial biometrics, which will be gradually implemented over the next few months.

The implementation of facial recognition is just one step, as Sport Clube do Recife together with Imply® are committed to continuing to improve the fan experience on an ongoing basis. The era of facial recognition has arrived on Ilha do Retiro, and Sport is at the forefront of this transformation.

Advantages of Imply® Facial Recognition

Enhanced Security: Facial recognition increases the level of security at the stadium, ensuring that only legitimate ticket holders have access to the grounds. This reduces the possibility of fraud and ensures a safer environment for all fans.

Speedy Access: With facial recognition, time in queues is significantly reduced. Fans can enter the stadium quickly and efficiently, making the most of the time before the game.

Combating Tickets Exchange: Facial recognition technology makes tickets unique and non-transferable, as access depends on the ticket holder’s face. This discourages the illegal resale of tickets.

Find out more about this important technology that has revolutionized access to major events, ensuring efficiency and security:

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