Entertainment Complex in Mexico innovates with Imply® Bowling Lanes

Entertainment Complex in Mexico innovates with Imply® Bowling Lanes

Mexico’s Fly Trampoline Park is an incredible entertainment complex that has many attractions for all ages. To complete the fun, 8 Imply® Bowling Lanes were opened.

Located in Colima, the Fly Trampoline Park attraction center has Fly Crossfit, Free Jump, Friesbee, Gymnastic Fly, and more. To make the venue even more attractive to the public, 8 Imply® Bowling Lanes were installed with the most modern technologies that exist for fun.

Benefits of having Imply® Bowling Lanes

Imply® Bowling Lanes elevate the player experience with its synchronized lighting system on pins, along the lanes and in the Player Terminals. Likewise, the alleys create the necessary impact for you to feel motivated to spend hours playing. Find out what a venue gains with Imply® Bowling Lanes:

✓ Imply® Bowling Lanes are developed with a modern, bold and sophisticated design and have the best materials, equipment and technologies;
✓ Through the Touch Screen Terminal, it is possible to access all alley control functions, as well as make menu orders and connect the smartphone to the game;
✓ Imply® Bowling Lanes have an incredible light and color show that accompanies each play, creating the “WOW” effect in the players;
✓ Ideal for happy hours, fun with family and friends, Bowling takes your business to a new level of entertainment;
✓ Our products have factory warranty, are easy to operate and, in addition, comply with the highest international quality standards and norms.

Innovate with Imply® Bowling Lanes

So, how about innovating with Imply® Bowling Lanes? We are ready to help you. If you want to know more about how to set up a bowling alley, contact us! Access the link: https://imply.com/engb/bowling-and-entertainment/

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