Imply Group launches platform for the control and prevention of COVID-19

On the morning of this Thursday, April 30, the Imply Group launched in the Santa Cruz do Sul City Hall, Imply Health, an innovative platform with intelligent tools that aims to promote control, impact reduction and prevention of contamination exponential of COVID-19 and other diseases.

The Mayor of Santa Cruz do Sul, Mr. Telmo Kirst, the Secretary of Health, Mr. Régis de Oliveira Júnior, as well as authorities, press and citizens participated in the launch. In addition, the platform was also presented in the afternoon, to the Association of Municipalities of Vale do Rio Pardo (AMVARP), an entity that brings together 16 cities in the region.

On the occasion, Imply Group CEO Mr. Tironi Paz Ortiz announced details of the technology. From the Imply Health platform, it is possible to create a network of information, with reliable data in real time that facilitate and streamline decision-making by the government. Thus, it aims not only to help reduce costs, but also to promote compliance with decrees and preventive measures established by the authorities to reduce contamination.

The platform offers tools to optimize monitoring, surveys and controls. With information available in real time, the authorities can also identify sources of contamination in COVID-19, in order to adopt measures that reduce transmission, and thus, reduce exponential spread.

According to Ortiz, the solution will help to reduce risks to health and the economy. “We have developed innovative technology to protect the health of all citizens, provide information to the authorities, and also contribute to the gradual return of society’s activities and economic recovery.”

The Imply Health Platform includes a portal where establishments can perform through the ID, the access control of customers and the temperature control of customers and employees, generating preventive alerts in case of altered temperature,  among other features.

In addition to the platform for establishments, citizens will also have access to the Imply Health App, where it will be possible to perform the self-registration, streamlining check-in and check-out by QR code at establishments, receiving messages and notifications from authorities, submit reports, and more.

The platform will be used by the government to register people in quarantine, infected people, recovered people, risk groups, among others. In addition, public managers will have access to various alerts, dashboards and reports in real time. Through these data, it will be possible to identify heat maps of places with a higher incidence of contamination, instantly obtain reports of establishments and people with whom an infected citizen had a chance to contact, monitor in real time the accesses and the public capacity of the establishments, among others.

The protocol between the City of Santa Cruz do Sul and the Imply Group, to start the project next week, was signed by Mayor Telmo Kirst at a press conference held this morning. “The Municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul is once again proud of Imply, a pioneer in grandiose and creative projects in the area of ​​technology for the world. Once again, this extraordinary work is demonstrated with the launch of this tool in this moment of immense difficulty “, he says.

The Imply Group prioritizes collaborating with the government and society as a whole to ensure that the technology is used with complete security, encryption and protection of everyone’s information and privacy.


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