Imply in another arena in Brazil: Arena Batistão

The Arena Batistão reopened on the night of Wednesday, June 4th, in Aracaju, Brazil, with the game Confiança X Vitória for the first round of the Northeast Cup.
Completely renovated, and within the international FIFA standards, the Stadium turned into a multipurpose arena, with the technology of the Imply® Access Management System and the Imply® Full Color Panel. The new structure now allows the arena to receive not only football matches, but also concerts and events.
With the expansion, the Batistão has increased its capacity to over 15,500 people. 21 access controllers were installed, ensuring more agility and security to fans. The SIGA – Imply® Access Management System, features intelligent SmartCard and 1D/2D bar code readers with high performance – technology also present in eight Brazilian arenas that hosted games of the 2014 World Cup.
To keep the audience directly connected with the action of the events, the arena received a modern  Imply® Full Color Scoreboard with 25.60 m² (6.4mx 4m), which displays in large format the score of the game, information, videos and pictures with high quality.
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