Imply kiosks facilitate traffic services in 96 cities in Rio Grande do Sul state

Through the partnership between Imply Technology and the State Government of Rio Grande do Sul State, through the State Department of Motor Vehicles (Detran-RS), were installed 200 consultation and self-service terminals in 96 cities. The technology has brought significant improvements to the daily life of the population in places where the equipment works: In the last six months more than one million and a half pessos used the terminals.
Through the kiosks developed by Imply, Detran-RS services are accessible at various locations as city halls, universities, shopping malls, bus stations, in most conductors Training Centres  and Police Stations. The goal of the project is to optimize and modernize services. The ease of self-service reduces the distances and ensures more convenience to the public, by allowing services to be accessible in a more practical way.
SERVICES – Among the services offered are impressions of guides for payments and various information such as vehicle consultations violations, notifications, Driver’s License, proof certificate issuance, payment guides for fines, fees and result of tests. This new concept in citizen service brings social relevance through benefits such as: digital inclusion; greater supply of services; more quality in the provision of these services; accessibility; improvement in the care and comfort to the citizens, by reducing the flow of people seeking services at the headquarters due to the decentralization of care; reducing waiting time and queue; 24-hour availability of services; instant printing; reducing operating costs; and process improvement.
MINAS GERAIS  – In addition to the Rio Grande do Sul, the terminals are already in operation in the State of Minas Gerais, more than five years on the project “Government Closer to the Population” through self-service terminals throughout the state with DMV information, Police Roads Department, Welfare Institute and Water Company, among others.


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