Imply launches a complete marketplace and e-commerce platform

Eleven360, a platform that is recognized as one of the leaders in the market for tickets, access and membership management for football, large events and premium attractions, now becomes an independent company.

eleven360The new company Eleven360 is a spin-off of Imply®, which completed 20 years in the market, and already has experience in the World Cup, Copa America, Libertadores, Sul-Americana, in addition to working with big clubs such as Flamengo, Athletico Paranaense, International, among others, and important events and attractions, such as Oktoberfest Blumenau, Municipal Theater and Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro, for example. Eleven360 maintained, last year, 36% of the entire market share of Copa do Brasil, one of the main events in Brazilian football. In Copa America alone, the platform transacted around BRL 215 million and controlled more than 2 million accesses in the 2014 World Cup.

With complete solutions, Eleven360 offers everything from ticket sales, access, cashless consumption, benefit programs and support teams. The new company is born together with the launch of its new marketplace and e-commerce solution, developed together with the largest operators of events, tourism and attractions in Brazil, with integrated technologies to innovate relationship and sales management. Eleven360’s new platform is available at:

According to Rafael Porto, CEO of Eleven360, the launch arises from a market demand. “Until now there hasn’t been a complete solution where you can buy tickets together with products. Eleven360’s new e-commerce platform will allow all of this”, said the executive.

The platform was developed to serve different segments, such as events, concerts, parties, shows, congresses, attractions and cinemas. It is possible to create unlimited sales channels, including an exclusive online store, marketplace sales, affiliate network and POS, for selling tickets, experiences, products, services, parking, combos and much more. The solution is “phygital”, bringing together all physical and digital sales channels, with 100% integrated inventory.Rafael Porto Ceo Eleven

With this new solution, Eleven360 hopes to offer a more integrated and convenient shopping experience, in addition to facilitating operations and increasing results for B2B customers. “It is a complete and functional solution for both the end customer and the producer, who will be able to register their store or their event, invite participants, control access, pre-load consumption and receive money. All this in a simple and direct way, from start to finish”, added Porto.

Rafael Porto is a professional with 20 years of experience in sales and technology companies and 14 years of experience in the entertainment business. The executive has worked for large companies in the ticket sales and box office market. The executive took the position at Eleven360 in February and has been assisting in the platform’s development process. “I come from this market and I am convinced that we are launching a complete system, capable of providing everything that users need, with the greatest number of features”, said Porto.

The executive points out that the launch of the platform was only possible with the action of an experienced team focused on providing something innovative to the market. “I am very pleased to have found a solid team, made up of top professionals and experts in their respective fields. We have talented people dedicated to the product, who make all the difference”, said the executive. Among the professionals who are part of this launch is the commercial head of Eleven360, Caio Gonçalves, who brings with him the perspective of an entertainment enthusiast and content creator, with extensive experience in the segment.
“Above all, our focus is always on the customer, offering the best possible experience. In addition, Eleven360 has a capitalized group, with the potential to foster the market with investments in large entertainment projects”, added the executive.


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