Imply® LED Displays Ensure Accuracy and Agility in Inspection in Mato Grosso do Sul

Imply® LED Displays Ensure Accuracy and Agility in Inspection in Mato Grosso do Sul

The activities of the Itamarati Inspection Post, at kilometer 14 of BR-436, benefit from Imply® technology to optimize services. Fixed Variable Message Signs, known as VMS’s, integrated with the inspection system have been installed at the site. Using the integrated system and equipment, vehicle license plates are automatically identified—in just 0.3 seconds—and drivers are clearly and objectively informed about the need to stop.

Imply® VMS’s were installed in Mato Grosso do Sul, Brazil, at the Inspection Post of the State Finance Department. This marks the evolution of an already established partnership between Imply® and Way-112, the concessionaire that manages the highway. Since last year, Mobile VMSs have contributed to the operations, and now, Fixed VMSs take on this role, guiding drivers and ensuring the best traffic flow.

Automated control through the integration of Imply® VMS’s with OCR Systems and the Government’s Treasury Database ensures greater speed and efficiency in operations. In addition to automatically identifying vehicle license plates in just 0.3 seconds, the Imply® VMS’s guide drivers on whether they need to stop for inspection.

In this context, the equipment improves operations, especially necessary due to the high volume of traffic on the highway—only in April this year, 185,773 vehicles traveled through the site, according to Way-112. As an important export route, the area connects Mato Grosso do Sul to São Paulo.

“The use of VMS technology results in fewer vehicles stopped in the inspection sites, a situation that used to cause inconveniences for passenger vehicles passing through the region. Moreover, it improves the lives of truck drivers and reduces transportation costs by decreasing the time their vehicles spend at the inspection posts,” explains Carla Rubia Pereira Barbosa, head of the Itamarati Inspection Post.

The road has been managed by Way-112 since March 2023, when the Way Brasil Group company assumed the concession for 30 years. Innovation stands out among the concessionaire’s values, exemplified by the partnership between Way-112 and Imply®, ensuring the implementation of technologies to improve user experience and optimize operations. “We have this established partnership between Imply® and Way, both at the Inspection Post and in future projects we are developing,” highlights André Kazuo, IT manager at Way Brazil.

Clear and direct communication, so necessary when it comes to traffic, is a focal point of this project. Additionally, the integration of the equipment with the Inspection Post system ensures the rapid identification of necessary inspection actions. The use of technology, in this sense, is a strong ally as a tool to combat tax evasion.

“Currently, several regulations of our system generate the message ‘Mandatory Stop’ or ‘Free to go’ for the panels. These regulations range from analyses of registrations, tax pendencies and route divergences. All of this happens very quickly, between the vehicles passing the OCR camera and their arrival at the VMS,” explains the head of the Inspection Post.

Imply®: From Ideas to Results

VMS’s integrated with OCR, Databases and Systems are just one example of the solutions developed by Imply®.

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