Imply Message Boards ensure more security in Brazilian roads

Imply Message Boards ensure more security in Brazilian roads
The flow of vehicles increases every day and innovative solutions are required to help the traffic to become more secure and comfortable. In this sense, Imply® developed 40 Electronic Message Boards for Triunfo Concebra, from Goiania, Brazil. The company manages several highways in Federal District, Goias and Minas Gerais, totaling 1176 km.
According to the Imply® CEO, Tironi Paz Ortiz, the panels are part of the intelligent solutions produced by the company. “A modern and high level of service, with reliable information provided to the driver with great speed and efficiency, all in real time”, he says. The installation of the panels started in December last year and should be completed by the month of April.
According to the Chief Operating Officer of Triunfo Concebra, Mr. Ricardo Junqueira Victorelli, the main function of the panels is the service to the user. “They were placed at strategic points along the highway to allow the user to have knowledge of the conditions of the route and traffic options,” he said. Victorelli added that the panels present information to protect the safety of the user, also contributing to the reduction of accidents. “Imply® surprised us very positively not only by its production capacity, as the industrial structure and organization of the company, customers that it has acquired in the world, know-how that the company has. And we were very happy with the results, the product quality is amazing. And the very partnership to do something different with a highly advanced technology, is what Imply® provided us”, says the COO.
The Triunfo Concebra IT Manager is also satisfied with the project: “It’s in the DNA of Triunfo, and the Triunfo companies, the issue of innovation, technology and quality, very aligned with the DNA of Imply®, where we also identified the issue of technology and innovation with quality. I think it’s all in the DNA of the company, and we are very pleased with the results we are having.” Mr. Rogerio Cezimbra, Triunfo Concebra IT Manager.
The operation of the panels on the highways is a form of incentive to reduce speed, which promotes the reduction of accidents. On the equipment are found information on traffic conditions and the highway, accident warnings, under construction, men at work, traffic jams, alternative routes, estimated travel time, climate change, regulated speed, educational messages, among others.
The messages can be viewed by the driver up to 300 meters away and the LEDs used in the equipment ensure a clearer view of the information, even in direct contact with sunlight. The update of the data is online over the internet, which ensures full control and convenience.
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