Imply® Mini Bowling: Guaranteed Fun at Kangoo Park Sao Paulo

Imply® Mini Bowling: Guaranteed Fun at Kangoo Park Sao Paulo

Kangoo Park in Sao Paulo, Brazil, opened with incredible trampolines that bring joy to children and adults. To make the park even more complete and full of fun, the complex offers a Bowling space, with 4 Imply® Mini Bowling Lanes.

With compact lanes and a redesigned look, Mini Bowling provides special moments for all players. The smaller, lighter balls make the game even more accessible and fun for all ages, both children and adults.

Furthermore, Mini Bowling Imply® has an automatic scoring system that is incredibly intuitive and easy to use. Players can check their scores and control the game using the Interactive Terminal or even their smartphones, making the experience even more interactive and engaging.

To ensure that everyone has the chance to make a great strike, the MiniBowling Imply® also has a pneumatic bumper system. This is especially useful for children and new players as it prevents the ball from going into the gutters. Activation of these bumpers can be done individually at the terminals or by the control center.

Have Mini Bowling and increase your profitability

The lanes are super compact: Wherever there is a space for fun, there is space for Imply® Mini Bowling! If you are interested in having this incredible attraction, contact our team. We can help create a custom project to meet your needs and make your space even more fun and profitable. Click on the following link to learn more:

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