Imply® Multisport Scoreboards Modernize Sports Complex in Recife

Imply® Multisport Scoreboards Modernize Sports Complex in Recife

Scoreboards in the Multipurpose Complex Geraldão are complete for several Sports

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Imply® Group installed 4 Multisport Scoreboards in Recife, Brazil. The Geraldo Magalhães Sports Complex, better known as Geraldão was opened in 1970, and thus it’s a special place in the memory of Recife. The space received great games from the Brazilian Volleyball, Futsal, Basketball Leagues and a stage of the World Volleyball League. As well as countless shows by national and international artists.

Geraldão is the largest Multisports Complex in Recife. Since it was reopened in 2020, the Geraldo Magalhães Sports Complex has a capacity for more than 10,000 people and modernized its infrastructure. In this sense, it has been transformed into a Multipurpose Arena, adapted to receive several games and shows. The new Multipurpose Complex has 4 Imply® Multisport Scoreboards; a multisport court fully adapted to the new international standards; access ramps for people with disabilities or reduced mobility; thermoacoustic cover; air conditioning and sound systems.

The Multisport Scoreboards developed by Imply® Group offer the highest technology for displaying information during sporting events. Thus, they are versatile for various sports, such as football, basketball, handball, volleyball, among others. Each of the 4 Multisport Scoreboards in Geraldão is more than 6m wide and 2m high. Therefore, they allow the public to have an excellent visibility of the game information. Its high-brightness LEDs attract attention and provide a clear view of information, even over long distances. Imply® Multisport Scoreboards are developed with the best materials for high durability. In addition, even in the event of a power outage, information is preserved. As well as, they offer the best finish, as well as great visual results.

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