Gym modernizes structure with Imply® Multisports Scoreboards

Gym modernizes structure with Imply® Multisports Scoreboards

Santa Cruz do Sul is not only the land of Oktoberfest: it is also a place where basketball has the affection of its population. The 1994 national title of Corinthians, commanded by Ary Vidal, is still alive in the memory of the people of Santa Cruz. That’s why the debut of Luvix/União Corinthians at the Ginásio Poliesportivo this Monday, 25th, was special. For the occasion, the structure was improved, such as new lighting and recovery of the pitch. In addition, two Imply® Multisports Scoreboards were installed.

With the support of the fans, the team from Santa Cruz lost to Minas Tênis Clube by 77-59 in the return to the elite of national basketball. Although it was not the expected result, Luvix/União Corinthians now has a great structure to return to the times of great achievements. Imply® Scoreboards collaborate with what is most innovative in addition to being adapted for various sports.

What does a Sports Complex get with Imply® Multisports Scoreboards

The Multisports Scoreboards developed by the Imply® Group offer the highest technology for displaying information during sporting events. In this way, they turn any game into a show of its own. They are complete for soccer, futsal, basketball, handball, volleyball, among other sports.

In addition, they feature scores, game timer, game period, and other useful information for many sports. Its high-brightness LED’s draw attention and provide a clear view of information, with a wide viewing angle and readable even from great distances.

Developed with the best materials, Imply® Scoreboards have high strength and durability. Likewise, they have a great finish, which allows for incredible visual results. Also, in the event of a power outage, all information is preserved, preventing losses and guaranteeing the safety of operations.

Turn any match into a memorable event with Imply® Multisports Scoreboards

Imply® Multisports Scoreboards offer solutions with the highest technology and the most innovative for sporting events. Want to know more about our solutions? We develop customized projects aimed at your needs! Access and learn more:


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