Imply® participated in the 10th ABCR and BRASVIAS Congress

Imply® participated in the 10th ABCR and BRASVIAS Congress

The 10th edition of the Brazilian Congress of Highways and Concessions and the International Exhibition of Products for Highways – BRASVIAS took place on September 12 and 13 at the International Convention Center of Brazil (CICB) in Brasilia, DF. Imply® was present at the event presenting the highest technology in fixed and mobile solutionsthrough the Electronic Road Panel (PER) and the Mobile Message Panel (PIM).
Imply® is experienced in delivering robust solutions designed to operate 24 hours a day with long-lasting, high-performance performances. Imply® solutions for road signs aim to raise the traffic system to a new level by offering a modern and high level service with reliable information in real time for drivers. With innovative technologies, they promote safety, accident reduction and speed reduction with educational, guidance, or warning messages.
Imply® PIM – Mobile Information Panel features a 360 ° rotation, electric lift mechanism and high autonomy solar power (optional), and is ideal for flexible information demands. The fixed PMV is available in Mono and Full Color versions, conforming to NEMA Ts4 standards. The Imply® Engineering Team develops custom structures according to the needs of each project. In addition, updates to Imply® Panels are done in real time over the internet, with 100% online management.


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