Imply® receives homage at the Santa Cruz do Sul City Council

Imply® receives homage at the Santa Cruz do Sul City Council

On the last day, June 12, 2023, we were honored with an important tribute at the city council. The ceremony brought together local authorities, Imply® representatives and community members, who highlighted the company’s notable achievements in these 20 years of operation.

The session at the City Council was marked by words of recognition and admiration for the remarkable work carried out by Imply®. The councilors emphasized the extremely positive impact that the company has had on the local economy and the generation of jobs, as well as its invaluable contribution to the technological and social advancement of the region.

During the ceremony, some of the main achievements of Imply® were mentioned, such as its performance in the area of ​​technology and innovation, with the creation of advanced solutions in entertainment and business management. The company has stood out nationally and internationally, taking the city of Santa Cruz do Sul to the world.

In addition, it was recognized for its social responsibility, through community support programs, educational projects and environmental initiatives. Its exemplary performance in the field of sustainability and corporate responsibility has been an example to be followed by other companies in the region.

The proponent of the Homage Councilman Raul Fritch, together with the City Chamber President Bruna Molz, delivered a recognition plaque to Imply® as a way of expressing the gratitude and pride that the city feels for the company and its achievements. The plaque, engraved with words of praise and appreciation, symbolizes the community’s admiration and respect for Imply®’s efforts towards local progress.

After receiving the plaque, CEO Tironi Paz Ortiz thanked the honor and reaffirmed the company’s commitment to continue contributing to the growth and development of Santa Cruz do Sul. “Technological advances and the market require dynamism and audacity, as well as a broad vision that knows no borders. The courage and daring to seek new markets, and the competence to compete globally are part of Imply®’s trajectory to break this path of entrepreneurship and success. And we did. We have completed 20 years of innovation and creativity, and we are going to go even further, strengthening leadership in our areas of activity.”

The tribute received at the Santa Cruz do Sul City Council represents a significant milestone in our trajectory We have become an example of success and inspiration for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurs in the region, demonstrating that it is possible to grow and stand out, remaining firmly committed to the economic and social development of our community.

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