Imply® Residential Bowling values ​​​​residence leisure area

Imply® Residential Bowling values ​​​​residence leisure area

The owner of a residence in Sao Paulo, Brazil, decided to innovate with the installation of an Imply® Residential Bowling Alley in his leisure area. The Imply® Residential Bowling brings the best of entertainment into your home. In addition, they add market value to your property, being a great differential for your residence.

Imply® Group is a reference around the world in the development of personalized Bowling Alleys. Designed especially for the available space on site, Imply® Bowling Alleys are a great entertainment option for all ages. Likewise, it is also the guarantee of fun, entertainment and good times for the whole family.

What Imply® Residential Bowling offers:

Imply® Residential Bowling is a guarantee of fun for all ages and a great option to gather family and friends. Above all, it values ​​the property and sets it apart from others. See some benefits of having Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys:
✓ Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys have a sophisticated, modern and bold design. In addition, they are developed with the best materials, equipment and the latest technologies;
✓ Properties with innovative leisure areas are highly valued in the market. Also, in addition to making your environment more luxurious, it adds value to the property;
✓ Bowling creates a contagious atmosphere and takes your leisure area to a new level of entertainment!
✓ The lighting system gives a true show of lights and colors, causing the “WOW” effect in all players, making the bowling experience unique;
✓ Imply® products have factory waranty, are easy to operate and respect the highest international quality standards and norms;

Imply® Residential Bowling:

Imply® Group is present in more than 125 countries. We develop customized solutions for your project. As well as, through our experienced consultancy, we add quality and dedicate ourselves to maximize your results. In other words, now that you know some of the advantages of the Imply® Residential Bowling, we can help you develop a project especially for your needs. To learn more, visit the link:


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