São José dos Campos modernizes services with Imply® Self Service Kiosk

São José dos Campos modernizes services with Imply® Self Service Kiosk

The current challenge for public administration is to modernize and digitize services, covering the entire population and making them more accessible to everyone. Therefore, the City Hall of São José dos Campos, Brazil, decided to invest in innovation with the Imply® Self Service Kiosk. Thus, dozens of Self Service Kiosks are located at strategic points in the city, to ensure speed and convenience, in addition to reducing queues.

They were installed in Basic Health Units (UBS), Emergency Care Units (UPA), Family Health Unit (USF) and at the headquarters of the City Hall. Among the main services available to the population through the kiosks are booking several different services.

What are the advantages of Imply® Self Service Kiosk?

Imply® Self Service Kiosks are powerful solutions for smart cities and digital transformation. First, they strengthen and expand the relationship with the citizen, bringing comfort to the services. In addition, they are responsible for several benefits, such as:
✓ Self Service Kiosks optimize and streamline processes. Likewise, they reduce operating costs and reduce service time;
✓ Through their technology, the Kiosks reduce queues and the waiting time for assistance at the counters and counters, allowing a greater number of people to be served;
✓ Services are provided in an easy, practical and intuitive way, ensuring speed and efficiency.
✓ More convenience to the public: They reduce distances for services and facilitate the daily lives of users by expanding the availability of services in more places and times.

Imply® Self Service Kiosk

The Imply® Group develops customized and scalable solutions to innovate management, optimize performance and automate processes. To learn more about our self-service solutions, visit: https://imply.com/engb/self-service-terminals/

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