Imply® Self Service Kiosks offer PIX payments in Sao Paulo Metro

Imply® Self Service Kiosks offer PIX payments in Sao Paulo Metro

Sao Paulo currently has the largest metro-railway network in Brazil, with around 5 million passengers a day. Now, Sao Paulo Metro users can buy tickets with PIX as a payment method. PIX is the new brazilian Instant Payments System. Thus, through the partnership developed between the Imply® Group and Prodata, dozens of Multikiosk Imply® Self Service Kiosks were made available to purchase or recharge credits.

Prodata, a company in the segment of intelligent fare collection systems, has been implementing the innovative Imply® Self Service  solutions to optimize the services provided to the Sao Paulo Metro users. Now purchasing or recharging credits is even easier! To pay with the new mode, passengers can use one of the Imply® Multikiosk Terminals at Sao Paulo Metro stations. First, click on the PIX payment option. Then, a QR Code is generated for reading via the user’s smartphone. Finally, just open the bank application where the passenger has an account, to complete the payment.

“Our goal is to bring new benefits and make it easier for public transport users as a whole. Mainly, to promote mobility, comfort and safety for the user”, says Leonardo Ceragioli, Commercial Director of Prodata.

Imply® Self-Service Solutions

Self-service solutions have increasingly become the choice of companies that want to optimize their services. In constant evolution, Imply® Self-Service solutions optimize services and bring efficiency and practicality to operators and users. For more information, access:

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