Imply® Self-Service Technologies optimize ticket sales to 7.8 Million people per day in Sao Paulo

Imply® Self-Service Technologies optimize ticket sales to 7.8 Million people per day in Sao Paulo

São Paulo is the largest city in Brazil with more than 12 Million inhabitants. Every day, around 7.8 Million passengers a day use the Public Transport Service. Given the large traffic of people, ticketing operators have opted for the use of Imply® equipment and services, offering more ease, agility and modernity to users. To optimize the sale and recharging of tickets, these companies have chosen the Imply® Multikiosk® and TCI Slim Self-Service Terminals. Learn more about the projects:

Sao Paulo Metro: It is the largest subway rail network in Brazil. Together, Metro and CPTM carry 75% of all people who use trains and subways throughout Brazil. There are 7.8 million people who use the system every day. Since 2018, uses Imply® Self-Service Technology to streamline and expand the range of services offered to users through the Imply® Multikiosk® Terminals for Edmonson Ticket Sales. They accept payments by cash and coins, as well as issuing exchanges when necessary. Another great innovation of Multikiosk® is its intelligent multi-language system, which serves the user in English, Portuguese and Spanish. Edmonson tickets, sold at Imply® Multikiosk® Terminals, are strong and have security features that prevent fraud and counterfeiting.

AutoPass: Responsible for the management and operation of BOM Transport Card used in the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo, also chose Imply® Technology to innovate and optimize its services. The BOM is accepted daily in a fleet of 6,000 buses in the 39 municipalities of the Metropolitan Region of São Paulo. By day, more than 2.5 Million passengers are transported. The company opted for Imply® Multikiosk® Terminals to offer passengers more comfort, agility and practicality, as well as reducing queues and making their services available in more places, even outside business hours, with efficiency and modernity. Imply® Self-Service Terminals allow users to recharge the Single Ticket and the BOM card, both for public transport within the municipality of Sao Paulo; and the BOM Card responsible for inter-municipal transportation in São Paulo and Metropolitan region. Imply® Multikiosk® Terminals accept payments with cash and debit cards.

Prodata: Uses the innovative Imply® Self-Service Solutions to optimize their services. The Imply® Multikiosk® and TCI Slim Terminals are integrated with Prodata’s ticketing solution and positioned in high-traffic locations, allowing users to quickly and intuitively purchase and recharge the Single Ticket, even after hours commercial. Imply® Terminals accept debit card payments.

The results show the greater efficiency of the services, comfort and considerable reduction of queues for the service users. The equipments are produced through high technology to provide the best experience to the users and can be adapted to the most varied functions.
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