Imply sells more than half a billion reais in tickets

Imply sells more than half a billion reais in tickets

Since 2007, when launched the solution developed for Gremio Foot-Ball Porto Alegrense, Imply® has become a market leader with the solution SIGA – Imply® Access Control and Ticketing System.

Starting from the beginning of the Access operations, Imply® already transacted over half a billion reais in tickets. The latest technologies developed within the strict standards of FIFA, made Imply® the leading provider of the 2014 World Cup access technologies. Arenas with Imply® technology were Maracana Arena (which hosted the great final), Amazon Arena, Arena CAP, Arena das Dunas, Arena Fonte Nova, Arena Pernambuco and Minas Arena. In this context, it is also possible to highlight the Imply® technology in projects like Gremio Arena, Arena Batistao, Campeón del Siglo Stadium – Peñarol (Uruguay), Safe Stadium Project (Chile), Museum of Tomorrow, CBF Museum, Univates Theatre; and even major events, such as Coldplay Concert, Rolling Stones Concert, Shakira Concert, Rio de Janeiro Carnival, Porto Alegre Carnival, Oktoberfest Santa Cruz do Sul, Expointer, and more.

Contemplating positive results, the company now leverages its expertise in access providing the market with a new platform, called Super Tickets. Super Tickets integrates innovative technologies for trading event tickets through multiple sales channels: Box Office POS, POS for external venues and e-Commerce responsive to various platforms such as computers, tablets and smartphones. Imply® also offers a Self-Service Terminals technology, which further optimizes the service and reduces the queues at the box office.

From Super Tickets, which can also be integrated with SIGA, buying tickets online has never been easier. The user must only register his/her data in the system (or access the platform with a Facebook or Google account), accept the term, select the means of payment and presto! After the payment is approved, the customer receives the ticket by phone, tablet or computer, and can either print the voucher, or access the event with the e-ticket or ticket wallet. Still, with the Imply® validation system, the public avoids extra queues when arriving to the event. With a smartphone or tablet in hand, can use the QR Code received at the purchase of ticket to validate the entry. There is also the option of printing the voucher at home with all necessary information and accessing the event through it.

Access technologies developed by Imply® prevents access of people with false tickets or tickets that have been already used, thus avoiding revenue evasion and overcrowding. The ticket validation can be performed either by turnstiles as for mobile handheld devices (PDAs) that can display custom greeting messages. Finally, the access system has a modern solution for control of the event staff team through biometric identification.

According to the Imply® Operations Manager, Gabriel Bulsing, “one of the great benefits and advantages of the Super Ticket solution is the system’s flexibility, which enables meeting small or large events, selling tickets online through a personalized website, and various management reports and real-time information for decision-making. With the latest technology and expertise acquired in major national and international events, Imply® offers the ideal solution for your event!”

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