Imply® takes innovation to Santa Cruz do Sul Oktoberfest

Imply® takes innovation to Santa Cruz do Sul Oktoberfest

Considered the biggest German festival in Rio Grande do Sul, and one of the most popular events in Brazil, the Santa Cruz do Sul Oktoberfest will hold its 38th edition from October 5th to 8th, 11th to 15th and 19th to 22nd. Tickets are now available through the portal:

Fun is guaranteed at the festival through a diverse artistic and cultural program, with emphasis on dance, music and typical German cuisine, in addition to parades with allegorical cars. With that, each year, thousands of people visit Santa Cruz do Sul in October to honor the event and thus experience a little of the culture inherited from the German colonizers. In the 2022 edition, an audience of more than 400 thousand people was registered. This year, the organization expects to receive 500,000 visitors.

This year Oktoberfest will feature a lot of innovation and technology to ensure the best experience for visitors. The big news will be the cashless payment system for the purchase of food and drinks throughout the park and in the Show Arena. The technology is from the company Imply®, through its ElevenTickets platform, which will also be responsible for the operation of ticket sales, access control and operational teams for the event.

Visitors will have digital-first solutions created to facilitate flows, reduce queues and deliver the best experiences. Through an exclusive platform, visitors can purchase their tickets and cashless credits for food and drink online. Managers will have several tools to save time and resources, in addition to accurate and 100% centralized information on the entire operation, with dashboards, reports, graphs and real-time monitoring via the Internet.

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The purchase of food and beverages will be made using the Oktober Karte card, with proximity RFID technology. For greater convenience, the purchase and recharge of credits for consumption can be carried out both over the internet and in the park, through Self-service Kiosks and Mobile POS’s.

“The use of cashless has been growing at events, because it facilitates all financial management, combining state-of-the-art technology and high quality. In addition, it allows managers to monitor, for example, real-time information on how many liters of beer are consumed per hour of the event. And for the visitor, the card becomes a souvenir, a beautiful reminder of the event” comments Leandro Dhiel, Commercial Executive at Imply®.

Oktoberfest Santa Cruz do Sul will have the intelligent access control solution Imply® ElevenTickets, ideal for high public flow with ultra-fast validation. In addition, the company will provide trained and qualified professionals for cashiers, customer service and assisted operation. In this way, the management of the event will have support for several tasks for the success of the operations.

According to the CEO of Imply® Tironi Paz Ortiz, “We are proud to be in this partnership again. Our focus is to offer agility, ease and security for everyone who attends the event. Our technological solutions provide unique experiences for visitors, as well as ease of management. That’s why we are the choice for major events, attractions, as well as the biggest stadiums and football clubs in Brazil”, he points out.

The Oktoberfest of Santa Cruz is organized in partnership by the Association of Business Entities of Santa Cruz do Sul (Assemp) and the Municipality of Santa Cruz do Sul. According to Ricardo Bartz, President of Assemp, “Relying on Imply and bringing innovation is essential, we facilitate consumption with cashless and improve the experience of everyone who visits our party. This is how we evolve and cultivate our tradition.”

ElevenTickets Imply® technologies for big events

Imply® develops technological solutions and offers specialized consultancy to optimize the management and experience of the public, with extensive experience in large events and premium attractions. Imply® ElevenTickets platform offers several integrated tools, such as ticket sales channels, access control, cashless payments, loyalty programs and real-time reports. Learn more at

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