Imply Technology integrates Museum of Tomorrow, opened in Rio de Janeiro

Opened in recent days, the Museum of Tomorrow, in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, is a bold and innovative space, inspired by the bromeliads of the the Botanical Gardens – was designed by the spanish architect Santiago Calatrava, and is divided into five areas with multimedia installations that invite visitors to reflect on the past, present, future, and about the tomorrow we want. The museum also has an exhibition hall with 600 m², a restaurant with panoramic view, a 360-degree movie theater and an auditorium with about 400 seats that will be used for lectures and artistic presentations.
Initiative of the Municipality of Rio de Janeiro and the Roberto Marinho Foundation, in partnership with Santander Bank, the Museum of Tomorrow also innovated with regard to access to interactive media. The Museum of Tomorrow uses the latest technology with the Imply Access and Ticketing System. Visitors can purchase a SmartCard in one of the points of sale with Imply technology located at the museum entrance and make its accreditation with register of some personal data. With the SmartCard, visitors can experience all interactivity that the Museum of Tomorrow attractions offer.
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