IMPLY® unveils Green Bowling® at IAAPA Attractions Expo

IMPLY® unveils Green Bowling® at IAAPA Attractions Expo

IMPLY® has just announced a major launch for the entertainment world: Green Bowling®. The new product was presented at IAAPA Attractions Expo, the world’s largest fair of the amusement industry, which took place between November 14-18 in Orlando, USA. The event brought together 1,136 thousand exhibitors and more than 30 thousand participants from more than 100 countries in this year’s edition, which was considered the largest of the event’s 98-year history.

Green Bowling® was developed to provide an innovative experience with the most advanced technologies so players can enjoy hours of non-stop fun and keep coming back for more. Following internationally recognized official standards, it integrates many hardware and software innovations that would have been almost unimaginable just a few years ago. In addition, to benefit the planet, the equipment was designed with sustainable and recyclable materials. In addition, several new features have been developed to further simplify the installation step, such as adjustable bases that provide excellent stability and increased resistance to moisture.

The new game interface includes interactive touch screen terminals with a slim design and super 55″ HD LCD screens displaying information about each frame in the most modern way. The sofas are designed with built-in USB charging stations to conveniently help customers charge their phones There is an exclusive RGB LED synchronized system on the pins, along the lanes and in the players’ terminal, animated according to the actions of the game, and the lanes glow in black lights with incredible Bright Bowling lighting effects.

In the new BowlingNet® automatic scoring system, the highlight goes to the new smartphone interface, allowing players to connect their own devices to access the options menu, view game scores, send messages, order food and drinks, and share their score on social networks. BowlingNet Central offers maximum control over the operation, with customizable options. BowlingNet Manager provides an overview of all reports.

In addition to the official regulation size lanes, Imply® also develops compact Bowling Café® lanes. MiniBowling® and the extensive line of Games that are already successful with the public, i-Hockey, i-Strike, i-Bowl Circus and i-Fight were also featured at the booth.

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