Inaugurates one of the largest Bowling Centers in France with 16 Lanes

Inaugurates one of the largest Bowling Centers in France with 16 Lanes

The FEC Metropolis Fun Parc opened its 8th venue in France, in the city of Lorient. Belonging to the Metropolis franchise network, this is one of the largest Bowling Centers in France, with 16 high-tech Imply® Lanes that take the bowling experience to another level.

Each play amazes players with the incredible lighting effects along the lane. In addition, having the 16 lanes side by side makes the game even more exciting and challenging, providing a real explosion of emotions while strikes are scored.

In addition, the exclusive Imply® Bowling Decorative Panels enhance the brightness of the colors and the Glow in Dark effect of the Lanes. Likewise, the Interactive Terminals with illuminated body and 18.5″ Touchscreen LCD monitor in portrait format, allow the players to access all the game control functions very easily.

To top it off, the Pneumatic Bumper System allows kids and new players to have a chance to play without the ball going into the gutters. This way the game is more fun and guarantees many strikes.

Imply® elevates the experience of playing Bowling by applying the most modern technologies to entertainment. With 20 years of experience in the market, the company develops innovative solutions that provide high quality in technology, design and functionality.

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Make your venture even more profitable with Imply® Bowling Lanes

Bowling is fun for all ages, and at Imply® we develop official and personalized lanes that suit your space. With the most modern technologies applied to entertainment, we plan, design, manufacture and install the ideal lanes for you. We offer complete support and innovative and reliable products. No matter the size of your space, we can create a project for you. Experience the high-tech fun of bowling and create amazing experiences for everyone.

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