Internacional modernizes membership management with Imply® technology

Internacional modernizes membership management with Imply® technology

Sport Club Internacional launched the Mundo Colorado platform, developed using Imply® technology, through the portal:

Sport Club Internacional is part of the select group of clubs that have more than 100,000 members. In addition, it already uses Imply® ElevenTickets solutions to unify ticket sales across several channels, and Imply® ElevenAccess to manage access control to the Beira-Rio Stadium. With the new Imply® ElevenMembership tool for managing membership, the entire ecosystem of the fan experience is centered on Imply® Eleven360 platform.

“This 360 hub developed in partnership with Imply® comes to revolutionize Internacional’s relationship with its fans and members, with content, information, technology and ease”, says Victor Grunberg, Vice President of Sport Club Internacional.

Modernizing the management of partners through the OmniChannel format, the solution includes, in a single environment, numerous services to evolve the fans’ experience, ensure practicality, and bring them even closer to the brand. Among the novelties, we highlight the single login with access to membership plans, ticket sales, parking discount, benefits, advantages, experiences, rewards, news, exclusive content, interactions, integrated management of stadium access gates, and much more. All on the same platform.

Imply® Eleven360 System brings together in a single database the intelligence on the habits and behavior of fans and members. By knowing and unifying customer information, the club can communicate in a unique way with each fan, and thus, provide new personalized engagement formats to increase satisfaction and build long-term relationships.

All technology solutions in one place

Imply® develops all-in-one technologies to create continuous innovation experiences. Totally White Label, the solution is customized according to the needs of each project, aiming to integrate the different relationship tools between your brand and your customers, without intermediaries. Learn more:

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