Internacional reaches the milestone of 135 thousand members with Imply® ElevenTickets Technology

Internacional reaches the milestone of 135 thousand members with Imply® ElevenTickets Technology

Sport Club Internacional achieved a memorable milestone. Owner of the largest membership in the South of Brazil, the club reached the mark of 135 thousand members.

In 2000, Internacional registered 6 thousand members in its portfolio, and began strategic planning to increase this number and further strengthen the bond with its passionate fans. In 2014, Colorado was the first Brazilian club to surpass the 100,000 member mark. And in 2017, the club and BRIO chose Imply® as a technology provider, implementing the ElevenTickets Imply® Platform to accelerate its digital transformation, revolutionize management and the way fans interact with the club. Inter closed last year with 124 thousand members and added more than 10 thousand in the first months of 2024.

Among the technologies and services implemented are the SuperApp Mundo Colorado, Web Portal, ticket sales on various channels, member management with sales waves, access control to the Beira-Rio Stadium, benefits program, gamification, support teams and customer support, integration with ERP, among other solutions.

“This 360 hub developed in partnership with Imply® comes to revolutionize Internacional’s relationship with its fans and members, with content, information, technology and ease. It is a way to bring fans closer to our services and content, through an unprecedented technology that brings interactivity to all Inter fans”, highlights Victor Grunberg, Vice-President of Sport Club Internacional.

Imply® ElevenTickets solution includes, in a single environment, numerous services to evolve members’ experience, ensure practicality, and bring them even closer to the brand. Among the features are single login with access to membership plans, ticket sales, parking discounts, benefits, advantages, experiences, rewards, news, exclusive content, interactions on the screen, integrated management of stadium access gates, and a lot more. All on the same platform.

Imply® ElevenTickets Platform brings together intelligence on the habits and behavior of fans and members in a single database. By knowing and unifying customer information, the club can communicate in an unique way with each fan, and thus provide new personalized engagement formats to increase satisfaction and build long-term relationships.

According to Imply® Development Manager Marco Roesch, “With our solution, we were able to optimize the fan’s journey and facilitate their experience. With just a few clicks, fans from anywhere in the world have access to exclusive content and can subscribe or upgrade plans in an easy and agile way. This is the big difference: helping passionate fans to become members, at the same time that we make it easier for the club to manage members, increasing this number every day.”

In 2023, Internacional achieved an impressive performance of 3 thousand tickets sold per minute! In August, the club broke the attendance record for the year by bringing 50,479 fans into Beira Rio in the game against River Plate. Colorado also achieved the historic feat of 100% of tickets sold to members. All tickets offered for sale before the match were sold out within the plans offered to members, meaning online sales did not even open to regular fans. “This is a reflection of several factors, such as the magnitude and importance of the match, but also the fan’s attendance and engagement with our membership program”, points out vice-president of administration, Victor Grumberg.

The Club has been carrying out several campaigns to acquire new members, in addition to a series of promotions and discounts. Reaching this number not only highlights the strength of the relationship between Internacional and its passionate fans, but also highlights the vital importance of Imply® ElevenTickets technology in this remarkable growth. By integrating intelligence, personalization and efficiency, Imply® ElevenTickets helps boost the club with excellent management tools.

“We live in a time of digital transformation. It is imperative to have a technology platform focused on the fan member experience. Imply® is a long-time partner. We start with access control and tickets. We recently migrated the partner system to the Imply® platform. We also launched an app, unifying the entire experience of our fan partners on a single platform. Imply® is definitely a great partner. We have many projects for the future” says Jeremias Goedert, IT Manager at Sport Club Internacional

This hub of solutions is effectively consolidated and ensures that the Club is increasingly assertive and solid in its growth strategies. Effective management guarantees top-class soccer and the fans are the basis for consolidating strategies. Marketing vice-president Nelson Pires says that “We achieved a positive balance, equalized the financial problem and put together a great team at the same time. Our club became a cogwheel: member, fan and team became one. With this, magic happens.”

All technology solutions in one place

Imply® ElevenTickets develops all-in-one technologies to create continuous experience innovation. Completely White Label, the solution is customized according to the needs of each project, aiming to integrate the different relationship tools between your brand and your customers, without intermediaries. Find out more about how our technologies can revolutionize your customers’ experience and drive your brand’s growth:


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