Imply® modernizes ticket sales at Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro

Imply® modernizes ticket sales at Botanical Garden of Rio de Janeiro
The bicentennial Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden reinvents itself with the Imply® ElevenTickets®  Platform

Brazil is a country with extensive nature. Not only is the Rio de Janeiro Botanical Garden is one of the greatest expressions of these natural beauties, but also one of the most famous tourist spots in Rio de Janeiro. Now, with Imply® Technology, visiting this beautiful place has become an even more memorable experience.

Through our ElevenTickets® Platform, the management of ticket sales at Botanical Garden was optimized for an integrated system. The technology is present in physical box offices and in e-commerce. The e-commerce for ticket sales is responsive and can be accessed on smartphones, tablets and computers. Tickets are available on the portal:

With our ticket sales at Botanical Garden, visitors have easy and practical access. To enter the venue, simply present the smartphone and use the QR Code received through the online purchase. There is also the possibility of validating the access with the printed ticket, obtained from the online purchase, or even purchasing it at the Ticket Office’s POS.

In addition, the Botanical Garden also features ElevenAccess® technology. An intelligent access control solution, ideal for places with high public flow. ElevenAccess® combines different access validation technologies. In fact, high precision combined with the most stringent safety requirements ensure the protection of all operations.

Imply® Eleven360® Platform is a complete solution. It includes hardware and software, as well as real-time reports and dashboards of the access control system and ticket sales at Botanical Garden. From this data, statistical reports are generated that allow decision-making to leverage the success of operations and improve the user experience.

Interested in learning more about the solutions that the platform offers? Then visit:

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