Kinder Park: New Bowling in Curitiba

Kinder Park: New Bowling in Curitiba

The city of Curitiba, Brazil, has just received incredible news for lovers of leisure and family fun: Kinder Park Bowling. This new space promises to be the perfect destination to cherish moments together and offer quality entertainment for all ages.

With more than two decades of experience, Kinder Park is recognized as one of the largest indoor entertainment complexes in Brazil. Now, Curitiba has a new reason to rejoice, with the inclusion of this incredible amusement park that promises to delight both children and adults.

In a wide area of ​​2,500 m², Kinder Park brings a variety of exciting attractions for all ages. Dedicated baby space, with activities and games specially planned for them, ensuring all the necessary safety, as well as activities that guarantee adrenaline, such as the exciting zip line.

However, the highlight of Kinder Park are the incredible bowling lanes specially designed to guarantee super fun moments. The 4 Imply® bowling lanes have the highest technology.

In addition, the LEDs also bring a surprising effect to each new move. And to complete, the interactive terminals allow easy access to all game options.

With the bowling lanes, the space guarantees fun and entertainment. Whether celebrating parties, holding events, or simply spending a day full of joy, the park is the perfect place.

Monetize your venue with Imply® Bowling Lanes

Adding Imply® Bowling Alleys to your venie is a smart strategy to boost business profitability. This exciting leisure activity attracts a diverse audience, from families looking for fun times to groups of friends looking for entertainment.

Our Lanes offer state-of-the-art technology, modern design and an interactive experience that captivates customers. With the possibility of holding tournaments, parties and special events, the bowling alleys become an additional attraction for the establishment, increasing the flow of customers and, consequently, the opportunities to sell complementary products and services.

Therefore, investing in this option is an efficient way to monetize the business, providing fun and satisfaction to customers, while boosting the financial results of the enterprise.

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