Imply® clients have the largest audiences in Brazilian Football Championship

Imply® clients have the largest audiences in Brazilian Football Championship

With five complete rounds, the 2023 Brazilian Football Championship is close to reaching the 1.5 million spectator mark. Among the games played so far, the average audience for the 2023 Championship reaches 26,194 people. It is the best average in the history of the championship in the current model.

Flamengo (47,175) and Vasco da Gama (39,545), both Imply® clients, are in the Top 3 of the teams with the best averages so far, and had the two matches with the highest attendances in the year: the game between Vasco and Palmeiras, with 59,867 people in Maracanã, it had the largest public presence so far, followed by the game between Flamengo and Botafogo, with 53,138 present.

Another number that draws a lot of attention in the Brazilian Championship is the number of club members per game. Of the total for this edition, around 39% are club members.

With promotional actions and exclusive discounts, Internacional, also an Imply® customer, is one of the teams that takes a significant number of associates to games in Beira-Rio. Against Goiás and Flamengo, Internacional had 40,000 members. Victor Grunberg, Vice President of Administration at the club, comments on the importance of activations to attract new fans:

“The board believes that Inter can go far beyond just performance on the field. Whether it’s the development of a new platform or promotional initiatives for sporadic games, we want to create rewards for fans. Historically, the club has always been a pioneer in matters related to the membership program”, says the executive.

Still outside the four lines, investments in technology also draw attention. “The availability of technologies, whether with facial recognition or biometrics, are essential for the safety of fans. In Brazilian football, Athletico was one of the pioneers in this regard, the result of a partnership that we started with the club in 2014. During this period, the violence rates in the Arena da Baixada dropped drastically. Our idea is to implement these methods in the largest number of stadiums in the country”, says Tironi Paz Ortiz, Founder CEO of Imply, a company that operates in numerous arenas in Brazil and abroad.

Imply® develops all-in-one technologies to innovate the relationship management with fans and members. Totally White Label, Imply® Eleven360 system is customized according to the needs of each club. It integrates, in a single platform, several functionalities to modernize experiences and management, including ticket sales, partner programs, advantage programs, cashless payments, access control for people and parking.

Among the differentials, the system brings together in a single database intelligence about fans and members, allows personalized communications with each fan, in addition to generating security, performance and stability for high traffic flows. Learn more:

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