Legacy 295 Complex innovates with Imply® Bowling

Legacy 295 Complex innovates with Imply® Bowling

The incredible Legacy 295 Complex has been operating since 2015 in Oxford, Michigan, United States, always looking for constant innovation with technology to provide great experiences. The FEC offers gastronomy, diverse environments of leisure, fun, and Bowling. The 6 Imply® Green Bowling lanes complete the family fun, and the 4 Imply® Mini Bowling lanes feature smaller pins and balls, making it easier for kids to play.

Bowling is a proven attraction worldwide! Everyone loves playing. It is fun, easy to learn and attracts all ages.

Bowling can be considered an excellent long-term investment because it has an above average profitability. Synonymous with a lucrative future, bowling fosters the dream of successful entrepreneurs: it is the ideal business for a quick return on investment, coupled with the pleasure and enthusiasm of working to promote fun. In addition, it is considered a healthy activity because it brings several physical benefits to health, as well as promoting the well-being and satisfaction of having fun in a group. It is an incredible social game, promoting fun for all ages, as children, adults and seniors can play and have fun together!

Bowling is one of the most commercially successful forms of recreational entertainment. Bowling will become the main attraction at your business. Improving your profitability, traffic flow and possible food and beverage sales (if applicable).

No matter the size of your space, we will develop the best bowling project for you! We offer a wide range of bowling lane, with various size options. Imply® has solid experience and know-how in the development and operation of Bowling Lanes and Family Entertainment Centers (FECs) with worldwide success.  Through various clients and own operations, Imply® adopts a strategic vision to detect new market opportunities. We offer everything you need to make a profitable investment and we are your partners to maximize your results. Count on our experience. We are your partners to maximize your results! Learn more: https://imply.com/engb/bowling-and-entertainment/



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