Modern Åsane Bowling and Event Center opens in Norway

Modern Åsane Bowling and Event Center opens in Norway

Åsane Bowling and Events Center is located in Horse Haugenn, Norway and offers a variety of entertainment options for the whole family. The cozy and modern atmosphere offers Bowling areas with Imply® technology, games area, simulators and food court.
Shortly before opening the entertainment center, all accesses were planned to meet people with physical limitations. “The ramp allows children, youth and people in wheelchairs and senior citizens to participate in bowling” states Lene Ingebrigtsen – CEO and owner. Also, the center has a fantastic food court with a varied menu offering drinks and various snacks such as sushi, pizza, onion rings, nachos, spring rolls and chicken nuggets.
The Bowling area features 8 lanes of the incredible Imply® Official Bowling with a custom graffiti theme. – “A while ago my husband suggested that we should use graffiti arts on the walls and around the bowling alleys. I was skeptical, thinking it would not be okay. The next day I saw a work of artist Dake on paper and then I was convinced that this would be the best for our area” states Ms. Ingebrigtsen.


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