Montevideo’s UAM opens with modern Imply® Access Control

Montevideo’s UAM opens with modern Imply® Access Control
Montevideo’s UAM is the largest Food Logistics Center in Latin America, and Imply® Group is present with Eleven Access Imply® Access Control for People and Vehicles

After 84 years of history, traders and customers at the Mercado Modelo in Montevideo have been given a new address and name: the Montevideo’s UAM – Metropolitan Agro-Food Unit. Namely, the complex has more than 95 hectares, and current capacity for about 500 stores, in 4 large warehouses. Thus, the new UAM is the largest Food Logistics Center in Latin America. The spaces offer a wide range of food and natural products. All of this in a modern and safe structure, optimized by the Eleven Access Imply® System, the ideal Access Management System for large flows of people and vehicles. In this sense, management estimates that the site should receive around 8,000 to 10,000 people daily.

Montevideo’s UAM is Uruguay’s most important work in recent years. The complex was developed by the City of Montevideo and the Ministry of Livestock, Agriculture and Fisheries of Uruguay. Not only with the objective of offering more convenience to traders and consumers, but also to optimize Uruguay’s trade, the structure had an investment of approximately US$ 100 million dollars. The inauguration of the Montevideo UAM was attended by the President of Uruguay, Luis Lacalle Pou. In addition, the Mayor of Montevideo, Carolina Cosse, was also present. According to Adriana Zumarán, General Secretary of the Metropolitan Agro-Food Unit, “tt is a new market concept, with an integrated value chain.”

Montevideo’s UAM with Intelligent Access Management

Montevideo’s UAM provides security and high technology, with Eleven Access, the modern Access Management System for People and Vehicles. Namely, Eleven Access is part of the Eleven360 Imply® Integrated Platform. In this sense, the solutions offer a wide range of powerful tools to optimize the management and operations of organizations, attractions and events.

Thus, the Eleven Access solution offers to Montevideo’s UAM an Integrated Platform that allows not only to protect, but also to monitor operations. People’s access are controlled through Turnstiles with smart readers to perform the validation. When entering and exiting vehicles, Intelligent Totems perform the detection and validation of accesses. These double Totems comfortably serve all vehicles, whether small, medium or large. Undoubtedly, the Solution for the Management of Access of People and Vehicles enables the UAM of Montevideo, the integrated control of each access point in an intelligent, flexible and efficient way.

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Montevideo’s UAM with Imply® Eleven Access  Technology: Discover some Benefits

Imply® Eleven Access Platform offers several benefits to Montevideo’S UAM, such as:

✓ High flow management of people and vehicles access per minute;

✓ High speed of information transmission;

✓ Reliably controls access to various areas, sectors and buildings, centrally;

✓ Combines different technologies for the identification of users and validation of access with the most stringent security requirements;

✓ Controls access authorizations for thousands of different users, managing complex systems of restrictions and permissions rules;

✓ Allows accesses to be performed in a practical way and without delays, and access when authorized is immediate;

✓ Better quality of management, services and better user experience, with fast and secure access;

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