More security at EcoRodovias with Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers

More security at EcoRodovias with Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers

In 2022, the EcoRodovias Group started managing the highways between Rio de Janeiro and Governador Valadares, and became the group managing the largest road network in Brazil. Currently, EcoRodovias manages, in a sustainable and socially responsible manner, ten highway concessions totaling more than 4 thousand kilometers in length.

According to the Managing Director of EcoRioMinas, Luis Carlos Lima Salvador, the operations aim to “At this first moment, focus on making the highways more comfortable and safer.”

Thus, EcoRioMinas invested in the implementation of 20 Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers to guide drivers. From them, the concessionaire communicates directly with users in an effective way, alerting them about road conditions, regulated speed, road maintenance and more.

Because Imply® Panels are mobile, the concessionaire in a practical way can move the equipment to wherever it is necessary. With the 360-degree rotation functionality, and an electrically driven lifting axis, it is practical to better position the displayed messages.

Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers: More safety on the highways

Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers provide safety and innovation for smart highways.
✓ Signaling with dynamism: guarantees excellent visualization of signs in any location that needs more attention, communicating efficiently to urban and road users in specific situations, promoting a much safer operation.
✓ Quality Standards: Imply® Variable Message Sign Trailers are developed with the best materials and strict quality control. We use robust technologies for high performance and durability;
✓International Standards: The specifications are standardized by international standards. Operation in accordance with the NTCIP Protocol and NEMA TS4‐2005 Standards;
✓ GPS integrated into the product: enables real-time tracking of equipment.
✓ High-brightness LEDs: 100% digital LEDs, ensuring a clear and accurate display of information.

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