More than 240 panels installed in Minas Gerais for OOH media

More than 240 panels installed in Minas Gerais for OOH media

The Fredizak Group significantly expanded its external media offer with the Imply® Panels. The company offers innovative solutions to advertisers in Minas Gerais and all over Brazil, through out of home media. The media catalog now includes 146 Imply® Outdoor Information Displays and 102 Outdoor LED Digital Signages.

With more than 30 years of experience, the Group understands that external media are part of the most efficient solutions for promoting brands and their products, which is why they opted for Imply® technology to expand the reach of their customers through high-quality and durability.

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Imagem de um painel fixo em uma esquina de Belo Horizonte, com uma frase sobre a propaganda da Unimed. O dia está nublado e o asfalto um pouco molhado.

Differentials of Imply® panels:

  • Easy access to exchange advertisements,
  • Practicality for programming;
  • Automatic lighting at predetermined times;
  • Exposure 24 hours a day;
  • Excellent value for money;
  • Structure with high durability.

In addition, modernization of electronic displays and panels that provide dynamic content follow the evolution of technology. Through a grounded study on the style of behavior of your consumer combined with media that offer innovation, it is possible to involve, retain and captivate new fans of the brand.

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