Mundo Lugano: High Tech Park with Imply® Bowling Lanes in Gramado

Mundo Lugano: High Tech Park with Imply® Bowling Lanes in Gramado

In the charming municipality of Gramado, Brazil, the new Mundo Lugano park is delighting visitors and residents. Already recognized for its incredible chocolates, the new attraction promises to offer unique experiences in an environment full of magic and charm.

In the heart of Gramado, and with an investment of R$2 million, the park transports visitors to the enchanted world of the brand’s mascot, Luguito. The park is a high-tech playground, with state-of-the-art games, immersive virtual reality challenges and incredible interactive Imply® Bowling Alleys.

Imply® Bowling lanes equipped with the Evolution Bowling Show system project 3D visual effects with artificial intelligence, which interact with the lanes and balls in real time. Mapping animations on lanes and responsive animations on balls create unique experiences.

To make the experience even more complete and convenient, Mundo Lugano has the Imply® Cashless system and Imply® Access Control. Upon entry, each visitor receives a smartcard, which allows them to use the games included in the ticket price. If the visitor makes any consumption, it is recorded on their card and can be paid at the end of the experience, releasing access controllers at the exit of the park.

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Mundo Lugano is a magical place, capable of awakening sensitivity and stimulating the imagination of all visitors. The bowling area is certainly the perfect park attraction for all ages, providing incredible family moments.

Lugano is a brand with more than half a century of tradition and is the leader in fine chocolates in Brazil. Now, in partnership with Imply®, a company recognized for its expertise in entertainment and technology, it is bringing to Gramado an incredible, highly technological park with 4 bowling lanes, combining fun and chocolates in a unique way.

This is an unmissable destination for chocolate lovers and all those who want to experience the magic and technology of a unique entertainment park of its kind. At Mundo Lugano park, fun and flavor meet in a dreamy environment.

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