New Bowling Imply® guarantees fun in France

New Bowling Imply® guarantees fun in France

A lot of technology guarantees fun for all ages in the newest entertainment complex in Amiens, France. Already known for its incredible Cathedral which is one of the largest in the world and for being the city of Jules Verne, Amiens is now known as a meeting point for lovers of technological fun.

Picardia Games Park offers an area of ​​7,000 m² designed to provide all its visitors with the opportunity to have fun and share pleasant moments with friends and family.

The park has incredible 8 Imply® Bowling lanes equipped with colorful LED effects and glow in the dark effects. Likewise, through the interactive terminals, the player can select all game control functions very easily.

Alexis Dequit, one of the owners, says that the idea for the venture came up on a visit to Belgium where he saw the technological interactions of lights and visual effects in parks and bowling alleys. From then on, he began looking for the best suppliers in the world to combine technology and fun at Picardia Games Park. “This is the first time I’ve invested in a leisure park,” says Alexis Dequidt.

To complement Bowling, the complex also offers BattleKart, which combines karting with augmented reality, climbing, karaoke, among other activities. It certainly is guaranteed fun for all ages.


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