Oktoberfest Blumenau 2024: Ticket Sales Begin via Imply® ElevenTickets

Oktoberfest Blumenau 2024: Ticket Sales Begin via Imply® ElevenTickets

The countdown to the 39th Oktoberfest Blumenau 2024 gains momentum this Tuesday, June 11. Advanced ticket sales for the largest German festival in the Americas, filled with German culture, joy, and family heritage, started today. The entire ticketing process is guaranteed by Imply® quality, through the ElevenTickets platform. Tickets can be purchased on the website: https://eleventickets.com.

The festival will take place from October 9 to 27, with several attractions already confirmed. Tickets for the Spaten VIP box are already on sale for national shows featuring Pedro Sampaio (10/11), Jammil (10/12), Israel & Rodolffo (10/18), Thiago Martins (10/19), Menos é Mais (10/25), and Kamisa 10 (10/26) – also through ElevenTickets. Among the international presentations, the organization has already confirmed the presence of PolkaRock from Argentina; the official band of Oktoberfest in Munich, Germany, the Oktoberfestband Die Kirchdorfer; the German band Troglauer Buam; and VoxxClub.

The Secretary of Tourism and Leisure and President of Vila Germânica Park, Marcelo Greuel, highlights the importance of advance ticket sales for Oktoberfest. “Advance sales not only facilitate participant access but also ensure a more organized and secure experience for everyone. By purchasing tickets in advance, visitors contribute to efficient crowd management, ensuring everyone can enjoy the festival,” he emphasizes.

The expectation is that the 39th edition of the festival will surpass previous years in attendance and profitability, once again establishing itself as the largest German festival in the Americas. The 19 days of celebrating German culture will feature lots of music, fun, cuisine, business, parades, and attractions for all audiences. The good vibes will fill the German park and be contagious – and Imply® will be there, making moments more technological and efficient for everyone.

Successful Partnership between Oktoberfest and ElevenTickets Imply®

The partnership between Oktoberfest and ElevenTickets Imply® has been very successful in previous years – a success that is expected to continue for the 39th edition of the celebration. Since 2018, Imply® has been providing high-performance solutions for Oktoberfest Blumenau, integrating ticket sales across various channels, cashless payments for food and beverages, access control for large crowds, and operational support services with hundreds of professionals involved.

“Our goal is to ensure that each edition of Oktoberfest is a memorable celebration, elevating the quality every year. We combine technology and services to optimize organizer management and provide the best experiences for visitors. This year, we are excited to launch an exclusive e-commerce platform where licensed Oktoberfest Blumenau products will be available for Brazil and the world,” highlights Imply® CEO Tironi Paz Ortiz.

This year, one of the biggest novelties is the licensing of the Oktoberfest Blumenau brand to Imply® and Ispartner companies. Under the new contract, the festival will have official products such as mugs, hats, and other souvenirs produced and sold with a new standard of quality and creativity.

The ElevenTickets Imply® platform offers various integrated tools to optimize management and customer experiences at this great event. Visitors will benefit from digital-first solutions designed to streamline flows and deliver the best experiences. Managers will have precise and centralized information about the entire operation, with dashboards, reports, graphs, and real-time monitoring.

For visitors, after purchasing tickets, simply present the smartphone with the QR Code received from the online purchase to validate access at Vila Germânica Park. Additionally, there is the option to print the ticket. Tickets will also be available at physical sales points at the box offices.

ElevenTickets Ensures Comprehensive and Effective Management of Large Events

Imply® develops technological solutions and offers specialized consulting to optimize management and public experience, along with extensive experience in large-scale events and premium attractions. Count on our specialists to choose the ideal technologies to innovate your event or attraction.

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