Opens largest Ferris wheel in Latin America with Imply® technology

Opens largest Ferris wheel in Latin America with Imply® technology

Opened in São Paulo, Brazil, the largest ferris wheel in Latin America and one of the largest ferris wheels in the world. With 91 meters high, Roda Rico São Paulo has 42 air-conditioned cabins with capacity for 8 people. The cabins have an incredible 360° view of São Paulo, bluetooth speakers, wi-fi, and much more. To make a complete tour, each tour lasts around 30 minutes.

Innovative LED technology

With the aim of enriching the audience’s experience and providing a great impact, Imply® designed and installed a system composed of 18,729 LEDs at Roda Rico.
The high-brightness LEDs provide a real eye-catching light show. They can be programmed by software to light up the Ferris wheel with color effects, and even transform the Ferris wheel into a Full Color Panel to display images and animations that can be seen from great distances. The solution developed by Imply® includes a pendulum system that compensates for the movement of the Ferris wheel for the continuous display of color effects, images and animations.
Continuously, entertainment parks and attractions create new experiences through technology. The goal is to provide unique experiences and delight with the innovation present in every detail.

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Visão de cima da roda gigante à noite. Com luzes cor de rosa e azul em toda sua extensão e ao fundo parte da cidade de São Paulo.

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