Optimize the management of queues and customer flow with Imply MAESTRO

The long wait in queues is a problem often experienced by many people, leading to physical wear and irritation. The commitment to excellence in customer service is a critical and decisive factor for customer satisfaction and the success of a business. Knowing this, Imply® offers tools that encourage a new level of customer flow management.

Using cutting edge technologies, MAESTRO is a complete solution that helps to leverage the quality in queue management for the most different areas and services. It offers multiple resources, such as the Alerts System, a feature that sends instant notifications to managers about critical events such as long waiting, too many people in queue, among others. As a result, the establishment may provide greater agility to users by adding of attendants in proportion to the demand of services. On the other hand, MAESTRO also monitors employee performance, helping to reducing the number of booths whenever there is less flow. To further increase efficiency, MAESTRO also offers various reports and graphs for real-time analysis with key information about the performance of all calls.

In order to enhance the experience with the services, there are several options to make the waiting time more enjoyable for the customers. In addition to displaying the call password and several useful information, MAESTRO also features interactive media: LCDs can display advertisements, promotions, display custom messages, TV channels, and more.

What solution can we create for you? Contact us to add more value and quality to your services with MAESTRO.

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