Imply® Out of Home Media optimize disclosures in Brazil

Imply® Out of Home Media optimize disclosures in Brazil

Out of Home Media are a great alternative for wide-ranging disclosures. Now, the capitals Aracaju and Natal in Brazil have hundreds of Billboards and Outdoor LED Digital Signage, developed by Imply® Group for MC Visual Communication.

MC is a specialist in OOH Media operations in several Brazilian cities and capitals.  In addition, Imply® already offers Out of Home Media technologies for MC in other cities, such as São Luis and Belém capitals.

Why invest in Out of Home Media:

✓ To market media: If you have a space with large flow of people, it can be an excellent opportunity to lease media spaces.

✓ To advertise: According to data from the Forbes magazine, the return for every dollar invested in Out of Home Media is U$5.97 in revenue. In other words, the return on investment is guaranteed! And don’t think that these spaces only serve traditional companies. Likewise, major internet players have also realized the importance of advertising in urban spaces, as the impacts are even greater when the digital and physical worlds are combined.

Solutions with great visual impact:

Billboards and Outdoor LED Digital Signage are OOH Media with fast return on investment:

✓ Efficient visual communication and advertising tools.

✓ Ideal for enhancing the dissemination of brands, products, services, advertisements, offers, promotions, as well as creating experience environments.

✓ When installed in places with high flow of people, they draw the public’s attention, highlighting the broadcasts.

✓ They have a double-sided area for advertising. With Backlight, they provide a great visual impact for promotions, also at night.

Innovative Out of Home Media Solutions:

Do you want to advertise or create revenue by leasing media spaces? So contact us today. We are ready to help you!


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