Parliamentary Voting System with FullColor Panel in the Belém City Council

Parliamentary Voting System with FullColor Panel in the Belém City Council

The resumption of work at the Municipality of Belém, Brazil, took place with a solemn session that also marked the re-inauguration of the Plenary. During the recess period, works and improvements took place at an accelerated pace.

The reform carried out in partnership with the state, repositioned the premises to provide more agility in the work of the board and presidency. Likewise, it brought the guarantee of more accessibility and convenience to employees and citizens, as Governor Helder Barbalho reinforces: “This moment is very important in the sense of guaranteeing a strengthened Legislative Power, with accessibility, improvement of the workspace – whether for employees, whether for citizens who turn to the Chamber to claim their rights, or for the body’s servants”.

Technology is the highlight of the new plenary. With the installation of the Imply® Fullcolor Led Panel with 24m² of high resolution, it is possible to follow all the demands of the house. The equipment provides more visibility and accessibility to all parliamentarians and the population that attends the sessions.

Likewise, Imply® technology is present in Councilors’ laptops and tablets. Through an exclusive platform, with a high level of security, the parliamentarian can vote in a practical way, which guarantees more agility in all processes.

Current mayor, councilor John Wayne, reinforced that “with the reform, we guarantee better service to all citizens. The Plenary Hall now has a 24m² LED screen”.

Imply® Parliamentary System: technology at the service of democracy

The Imply® Parliamentary System guarantees the interconnection of technological devices such as the FullColor Panel, the Operator’s Computer, Parliamentarians’ Smartphones or Tablets and
President’s Desk, optimizing the management of plenary sessions.

Likewise, the Platform has several security features to ensure complete accuracy in results and prevent fraud. All accesses are controlled through restricted and individual passwords for encrypted authentication.

We have a technical team prepared to develop the best project for your needs. Therefore, if your Legislative House is looking to improve its processes and provide a more modern, dynamic and transparent experience, please contact us:

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