Residencial Monvert opens with Imply® Bowling

Residencial Monvert opens with Imply® Bowling

Residencial Monvert, developed by OR, offers high standard infrastructure that unites nature and technology in one place. With the proposal to bring more comfort, well-being and entertainment to its audience, inaugurated two towers with 34 and 36 floors that have apartments from 230 to 285 m², each with an individual social hall and four suites. With more than 90 projects in 22 Brazilian cities, OR is part of the Novonor Group, with 75 years of experience and operations in 13 countries.

The condominium is located in Horto Florestal, one of the most attractive spots in Salvador, Brazil. In the common spaces, it has a green area of ​​approximately 2,600 m², central square with swimming pools for adults and children, Yacht Bar, tennis court, gourmet space, ballroom for adults and children, playroom, playground, health space (pool with covered lane , massage room and sauna), gym, beach tennis, green area with a gazebo integrated with the original vegetation and differentials such as a sport bar and teen lounge. To complete the range of entertainment options, the development features two Imply® Bowling Alleys.

“We thank you for the attention, respect, quality of delivery and product, not to mention meeting deadlines and budget. Hearing the compliments of our customers during the deliveries of the units has been rewarding, and the same extends to you. We return with a high quality reference product, developed in the smallest details and executed with great care by all of us”, declares Isabela de Andrade Passos, Project Coordinator at Residencial Monvert and OR.

More about Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys

Residential Bowling Alleys provide an unique experience for the whole family and further highlight the potential of spaces that offer integration, fun and comfort. Imply® Bowling is adaptable to different environments and innovation is crucial in the entertainment sector. Technological bowling is a demonstration of the relevance of technology to provide surprising moments that go beyond the conventional.

High standard residences are synonymous with luxury, comfort and sophistication. In this market, investing in technology and entertainment is essential to maintain the attractiveness and competitiveness of enterprises. The incorporation of technological solutions in leisure and entertainment spaces contributes to increasing the happiness of residents and their guests. In addition, the presence of quality technological and entertainment resources further raises the value of the properties and the prestige of the brand. Therefore, investing in technology and entertainment is an advantageous strategy and a way to stand out in a highly competitive market.

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