Residential bowling gains prominence among celebrities and businessmen

Residential bowling gains prominence among celebrities and businessmen

Over the past few years, a luxury trend has captured the hearts of celebrities and businesspeople around the world: the residential bowling alley. This classic game, known for the fun and competition it provides, now finds its way into high-end homes.
The architecture of high-end residences has closely followed entertainment and leisure trends to offer increasingly attractive spaces to its residents. In this context, residential bowling has gained prominence as a luxurious and sophisticated option, capable of providing unique and exclusive moments.

The addition of a bowling alley in home projects brings significant benefits, as emphasized by architect Toledo, owner of Toledo ArqDesign: “A high-end home needs attractive spaces not only to be pleasant and beautiful, but also to offer more to its guests. children and friends”. In addition to being a point of attraction and leisure, the bowling alley promotes moments of fraternization.

At the forefront of this movement is Imply, one of the leaders in the segment worldwide. According to Tironi Paz Ortiz, CEO and Founder of the company, “residential bowling has become a trend in mansions and condominiums, as it is a leisure and entertainment option capable of contemplating all ages. It is perfect for gathering family and friends , providing entertainment combined with high technology”.

The businessman also highlighted the added value that Bowling brings: “Without a doubt, residential bowling values ​​the property a lot”, said the executive. The properties that have innovative leisure areas stand out from the rest and are highly valued in the market. For this reason, more and more high-end property owners are looking for entertainment items to enhance their ventures. An example of this success is the presence of the Imply residential bowling alleys in the mansion of the famous youtuber Luccas Neto. Located in their luxurious four-story estate, the custom alley became the center of attention.

In addition, renowned soccer players also opted for the technology and quality offered by the company for their own private lanes. This choice reflects the growing popularity of residential bowling among celebrities, who want to create a unique space for fun and entertainment in their mansions.
Customizing the space according to the environment’s proposal is another detail that makes the difference in the project. “We elaborate each project in a personalized way, with the support of specialists in all stages, including the architectural project”, emphasizes Gilmar Goerck, Imply’s Sales Executive.

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