Mansion enhances ​​leisure area with Imply® Residential Bowling

Mansion enhances ​​leisure area with Imply® Residential Bowling

A high standard residence located in the countryside of São Paulo, Brazil, now has a great entertainment option. To modernize the gaming area, two Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys were installed.

With a sophisticated architectural design, combined with a comfortable environment and unique style, the Residential Bowling Alleys offer high technology for entertainment. After all, Imply® Residential Bowling Alleys are a great differential for having fun times with family and friends.

Check out some of the benefits of having Imply® Residential Bowling:

✓ Properties that have leisure areas are highly valued in the market. Also, in addition to making your home more luxurious, it adds value to the property;
✓ Modern, bold and sophisticated design, developed with the best materials, equipment and technologies;
✓ The lighting system gives a real show of colors, causing the “WOW” effect in all players;
✓ Our products have factory warranty, are easy to operate and comply with the highest international quality standards and norms;
✓ Ideal for happy hours, fun with family and friends, Bowling creates a contagious environment, draws attention and takes your leisure area to a new level of entertainment.
Interested and want to know more about home bowling? Check it out here:

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