Residential bowling with spectacular views in Brazilian mansion

Residential bowling with spectacular views in Brazilian mansion

The charming city of Campos do Jordão, Brazil, enchants everyone with its stunning landscapes. With panoramic views of the mountains, this incredible mansion crowns sophistication with our technological residential bowling.

With a breathtaking view, the space with 2 bowling lanes is ideal for moments between friends and family. Equipped with the fantastic Evolution Bowling Show system, it further immerses players in an atmosphere of unparalleled fun.

Sensors along the lane map the ball and, using artificial intelligence, project 3D images and effects that interact with each play. A true spectacle that takes the bowling experience to another level.

Likewise, the interactive terminals complete the space with an innovative design. On its touchscreen, it allows players to track scores and rankings, activate bumpers, add photos, choose different languages, and other features.

Start your project and have unforgettable moments without leaving home

We are experts in creating customized residential bowling projects. If you want to have a good time with friends and family, count on all the Imply Bowling technology.

If you want to impress, a sure way is to use our exclusive lighting system with synchronized RGB LEDs on the pins, along the lanes and in the players’ Terminal! It will make the environment much more interactive during the game!

With a focus on durability, produced with 100% solid, high-resistance Phenolic Laminates, Imply® lanes remain as new for many years of continuous use.

The pinsetter is managed with computerized control. It performs a quick replacement of the pins, meaning that players do not waste time between one shot and another.

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