Portobello Resort elevates the guest experience with Imply® Bowling Alleys

Portobello Resort elevates the guest experience with Imply® Bowling Alleys

Natural beauty, cozy accommodations and a safari that provides unique experiences. Portobello Resort & Safari already had all this, and decided to innovate and bring the “cherry on top”: an environment with 4 Imply® Bowling Alleys. Now, this beautiful attraction located in the paradise Mangaratiba, Brazil, has another great entertainment for all ages.

Portobello Resort & Safari has a beautiful decoration in harmony with nature. In addition, it has a safari with 500 animals of various types. Still, to make this place even more extraordinary, four Imply® Bowling Alleys are available for visitors and guests to enjoy these modern technologies for entertainment.

With an exclusive lighting system, the incredible colorful visual effects draw the players’ attention and provide extraordinary moments. Likewise, the lanes glow under black lights, with Bright Bowling lighting effects. According to Ivana Brasão, Director of Portobello Resort & Safari: “We installed the Imply® Bowling Alleys to innovate in guest entertainment. Since the bowling opened, we received compliments and great demand for this leisure activity. I highlight the very good service we received from Imply®, from the beginning of the negotiations until the after-sales. The team is helpful, professional and very objective.”

Learn about the benefits of having Imply® Bowling Alleys:

Imply® Bowling Alleys are a great alternative for Entertainment Centers, Parks, Restaurants, Bars, Pub’s, Malls, Hotels, Resorts and more. All details are planned to offer great experiences to the players. Among them, for example:
✓ Modern, sophisticated design, developed with the best materials and equipment;
✓ Lighting system that has a true show of colors, causing the “WOW” effect in players;
✓ Synchronized LED lighting at the players’ Terminals, along the alley and on the pins;
✓ Great opportunity to elevate the guest experience and modernize recreational areas;
✓ Touchscreen Terminals have multiple languages for visitors of other nationalities.

Now that you have seen the advantages that Portobello Resort & Safari enjoys by having Imply® Bowling Alleys in its environment, we can help you developing a project especially for your needs. So, access the link for more information: https://imply.com/engb/entertainment/how-to-start-bowling-business/


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